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ClearVision is a nationwide postal lending library of children's books in print and braille which can be used either by visually impaired children who are, or will be, learning braille, or by braille reading adults sharing books with sighted children. There are over 11,000 adapted books (over 3500 titles) in the ClearVision collection. The primary aim of the project is to increase the range and interest of material available to children learning to read braille and to enable books to be shared with sighted friends, classmates and family. Features of the service include the following:

  • Standard picture books are taken and brailled text added on clear plastic sheets so that the pictures and print are still visible - this means that partially sighted children may get pleasure from illustrations and it encourages integration with sighted children.
  • Books are chosen from popular fiction and national curriculum related information books.
  • Most titles are available in either grade 1 (uncontracted) or grade 2 braille to suit varying levels of reading experiences and different approaches to the learning of braille.
  • Books are borrowed by schools, public libraries, resource bases, and families throughout the UK.

ClearVision is a registered charity. Membership is free for families who borrow six books initially and change three at a time as often as required. (Institutions pay a subscription fee.) ClearVision also stocks children's books with labels in Moon (an easier alternative to braille).

Last updated on 28/06/2013

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