Community Hygiene Concern Bug Busting

22 Darin Court
Milton Keynes

Tel: 01908 561928


Community Hygiene Concern (CHC) is a not-for-profit charity set up in 1988 to protect people, especially children and pets, from parasites commonly found in the UK.

Their work centred on the development of the Bug Busting solution, a head louse detection and eradication method that works by combining their specially designed combs with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

CHC promotes and organises Bug Busting Days, an educational programme in reliable head louse detection delivering a 'whole school approach'. Schools can choose any date that suits their timetable, but the most effective dates to take part are the National Bug Busting Days: 31 January, 15 June and 31 October, every year.

Last updated on 10/09/2013

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