Tel: 08451 228 669 - 9 am-10 pm, 365 days a year.



Tel: 08451 228 669 - 9am - 10pm, 365 days a year.

Cry-sis was founded by a small group of parents who were experiencing problems with their crying and sleepless babies. The charity's aim is to offer information and emotional support to families with excessively crying, sleepless babies.

Callers to the Helpline are referred to a volunteer member of Cry-sis. The volunteer provides a sympathetic ear, non-medical advice and support to the caller, enabling them to devise strategies for coping during this particularly stressful and overwhelming period of parenting.

Cry-sis's trained volunteers have experienced crying and/or sleep problems with their own families and fully understand the affect on parents and families caused by a highly demanding young baby. Problems may include exhaustion, loneliness, loss of confidence in parenting skills, and total desperation.

In addition to the Helpline, Cry-sis publishes leaflets, booklets and free information packs. (Send a stamped addressed envelope to the above address or download copies of all the leaflets from their website.)

Last updated on 30/10/2013

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