CVSA - Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome Association

77 Wilbury Hills Road

Tel: (Helpline) 0151 342 1660


Cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS) is a rare disorder which can affect people of any age, but onset is most commonly reported between the ages of 3-7. The Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome Association (CVSA) is an association for patients, families, carers and professionals providing support, education and research for CVS. It is a registered charity and 100% volunteer association founded by parents and professionals with the following purposes:

  • To provide patients, families and professionals opportunities to offer and receive support and share knowledge about CVS.
  • To actively promote and facilitate medical research about CVS.
  • To increase world-wide public and professional awareness of CVS.
  • To serve as a resource centre for information on CVS with affiliates in USA, Australia, Canada, Italy and New Zealand.

The association is involved in the following activities:

  • Child and adult support group.
  • Annual meeting at Birmingham Children's Hospital.
  • Twice yearly newsletter.
  • Support for research.
  • Publicity to raise awareness.

Patients, families and professionals may join the CVSA for an annual donation to cover administration costs. A series of leaflets describing the syndrome, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment together with membership details are available on request. They also have an informational DVD available.

Last updated on 10/03/2014

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