Emotions Anonymous

PO Box 149

Web: www.emotionsanonymous.org

Emotions Anonymous (EA) is a twelve-step organisation, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. The Fellowship is composed of people who come together in weekly meetings for the purpose of working towards recovery from emotional difficulties. EA members are from many walks of life and are of diverse ages, economic status, social and educational backgrounds. The only requirement for membership is a desire to become well emotionally.

EA was first formed in the USA and now has groups around the world and there are currently a few groups in the UK. The USA Service Centre has set up an internet site (address above) which includes background details about the EA Fellowship as well as a listing of groups. The group lists are provided by country and within those, where contact information is provided, a secondary link provides names and telephone numbers. When viewing the contact details, there is a request for visitors to observe EA's anonymity tradition.

For further information and UK group listing, write to the address above or visit the website.

Last updated on 19/10/2012

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