First Person Plural

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First Person Plural is the only national survivor-led membership charity in the UK which exclusively works for and on behalf of those affected by dissociative identity disorder (DID) (sometimes called multiple personality disorder – MPD) or the similar childhood-trauma-related complex dissociative disorder unhelpfully known as type 1 dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS).

They are a small organisation run entirely by a few geographically dispersed volunteers all of whom have personal lived experience of DID or DDNOS or support someone who does.  They have no premises or paid workers and no regular external funding.  Within these limitations they are proud of what they achieve and feedback from members, other beneficiaries, professional and other bodies working in the same field tells us that what they do is much valued, good quality and delivered in a professional manner.

Last updated on 20/03/2014

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