Headlines - the Craniofacial Support Group

8 Footes Lane
Frampton Cotterell
BS36 2JQ

Tel: 01454 850557

Web: www.headlines.org.uk

Headlines - Craniofacial Support, is a registered charity run by volunteer trustees, together with a part-time employee. Headlines began in 1993 and was set up by a group of parents of children with craniosynostosis. The current trustees continue to be mainly parents or close relations to children affected by craniosynostosis. There is also one trustee who is a medical professional directly involved in the care of patients diagnosed with conditions associated with craniosynostosis.

Headlines' mission is to:

  • Help all those affected by craniosynostosis and associated conditions throughout their lives, to achieve their potential and to meet their special challenges, by making readily available a comprehensive range of support services.
  • Increase awareness of craniosynostosis and its associated conditions amongst professionals and the general public so that all affected persons receive the appropriate treatment.

Last updated on 14/10/2013

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