Let's Face It

72 Victoria Avenue

Tel: 01843 833724

Web: www.lets-face-it.org.uk

Let's Face It is an international mutual help organisation dealing with facial disfigurement and head and neck cancer. It is dedicated to helping those who are facially disfigured, their loved ones, the professionals who care for them, and the communities in which they live, to understand and solve the problems of living with this disability. The aims of the organisation are as follows:

  • To offer the hand of friendship on a one-to-one basis.
  • To link families, friends and professionals.
  • To assist people with facial disfigurement to share their experiences, struggles and hopes.
  • To help them build the courage to face life again.
  • To provide continuing education to medical, nursing, and allied health professionals concerning the lifelong need of people with facial disfigurement.

Last updated on 09/10/2013

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