Making Space

Lyne House
46 Allen Street

Tel: 01925 571680


Making Space is an organisation dedicated to improving the long-term welfare of those people who have mental health problems and those who care for them. Formed in 1982, it was one of the founding members of the 2004 Mental Health Provider's Forum.

Making Space is very much a hands-on organisation with a considerable proportion of its staff engaged in the day-to-day care of members or helping with the issues that affect the well-being of their carers.

  • Through supported housing, service users enjoy an independent lifestyle.
  • Through residential accommodation, varying levels of care are always available. Their carer support service recognises and tries to relieve the pressures on the people who care for those with mental health problems.
  • Employment, education and day services all enhance lifestyle and help with integration into the community.
  • Clinical services, carer breaks and befriending all add significantly to a total service provision.

They are also committed to raising awareness, both in the public eye and in important areas of financial and policy-making influence.

Last updated on 08/10/2015

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