MATCH - Mothers Apart from Their Children

BM Box 6334


MATCH is a self-help support network and registered charity run by volunteers who are, or have been, mothers separated from their children in a variety of circumstances. MATCH offers non-judgemental emotional support to mothers:

  • Who are apart as a result of short-term/long-term mental or physical ill health when children have been fostered or adopted.
  • Whose children have been abducted abroad by their fathers.
  • Who are apart as a result of alienation following high conflict family breakdown when children profess not to want to see their mother.
  • With adult children who are apart as a result of a family row.

Some mothers may have limited contact with their children; others have no contact at all. Some MATCH members are apart from children as well as grandchildren. MATCH members are at all stages of recovery but share two common bonds: knowing what it feels like to be apart from their children and a willingness to take responsibility for individual recovery. Support is offered in the following ways:

  • Newsletter in which Members are encouraged to share experiences and hard-won wisdom.
  • Informal local meetings where members can speak freely and share their experiences.
  • Small email support groups (3-4).
  • MATCH can suggest other sources of help as appropriate.
  • Annual AGM where members have an opportunity to speak to other mothers apart.

Write enclosing a stamped addressed envelope or email via the website but please be aware that, because of post-forwarding, patience is needed while awaiting a reply.

Last updated on 08/10/2015

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