Mellow Parenting

Unit 4
Six Harmony Row
G51 3BA

Tel: 0141 445 6066


Mellow Parenting is an international organisation delivering high-quality training in its family of evidence-based parenting programmes. Training is delivered to local authority and NHS staff as well as voluntary agencies working with the most vulnerable families in society.


  • Mellow Bumps/Dads-to-be
  • Mellow Mums
  • Mellow Babies
  • Mellow Toddlers

Sure Start Children's centre Practice Guidelines recommend Mellow Parenting as an effective evaluated programme, Mellow Parenting meets the criteria recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for effective parenting programmes and is on the Commissioning Toolkit of Parenting Programmes.

How do you access the programme?

Mellow Parenting does not directly run groups itself but trains professionals to run the group according to the original model. If you are a parent or carer looking for help and you think Mellow Parenting might be helpful to you, please ask your GP, health visitor or social worker who may be able to refer you to a group in your local area.

Last updated on 28/08/2015

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