Midlands Diving Chamber

Hospital of St Cross
Barby Road
CV22 5PX

Tel: (24-hour Advice Line) 07940 353816, (Office) 01788 579555

Web: www.midlandsdivingchamber.co.uk

Midlands Diving Chamber is the sister unit to the London Diving Chamber, providing everything a diver could need from a medical facility.

What they do:

  • NHS -funded recompression.
  • Diving medicals.
  • Free consultation if you think you have the bends.
  • Dry diving.
  • Phone advice.
  • Hyperbaric and PADI recompression chamber courses.
  • Advice and treatment for carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment (HBOT).

Last updated on 27/08/2015

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