Missing People

Roebuck House
284 Upper Richmond Road West
SW14 7JE

Tel: (Freefone Helpline) 116000, (Office) 020 8392 4590

Web: www.missingpeople.org.uk

Missing People provides support for missing children, vulnerable adults and families left in limbo. They offer families of the missing specialist advice and practical support as well as searching - securing publicity that could end years of heartache.

As well as actively searching for missing people and supporting those who are trying to find them, the charity offers two other services; Runaway Helpline (for young runaways) and Message Home (for missing adults).

They provide:

A national 24-hour helpline for people who are missing someone.

Support, advice and guidance, and practical help to families of missing people.

Publicity in the media: on TV, newspapers, radio and other media including teletext and momedia plasma screens on buses for missing people.

A confidential national computerised register of missing people.

Last updated on 27/08/2015

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