My Home Life Cymru

Led by Age Cymru and funded by the Welsh Government, My Home life Cymru is an initiative aimed at improving the quality of life of those who are living, dying, visiting and working in care homes for older people.

Since early 2009, My Home Life Cymru has worked with a small number of pilot homes, identifying areas of good practice and promoting quality of life for older people in residential care through relationship centered, evidence based practice.  Care homes are often seen by the media and others as a negative option for older people, but, there are many examples of excellent practice within many care homes, where residents, relatives and staff are at the centre of residential home life.

My Home Life Cymru prompts care homes to consider the following questions, and offers support in making positive answers a workable reality:

  • How can residents, staff, managers and visitors be supported to share the best of what they do so they are seen as positive choices and good places to live, love, dream, laugh, learn and connect with others is a normal part of everyday life?
  • How can residents be invited to direct their own lives and use their experiences to help others?
  • How can care staff be inspired and motivated through better leadership and training?
  • How can friends and family become more involved in care home life?

Last updated on 14/03/2013

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