Narcolepsy UK

PO Box 13842
EH26 8WX

Tel: 0845 4500 394


Narcolepsy UK, is an association of narcoleptics, their relatives, and others interested in improving their lot. Its registered objects are the benefit, relief, and aid of persons suffering from narcolepsy. The aims of the association are as follows.

  • To promote awareness of narcolepsy and provide authoritative information about it to narcoleptics, the medical profession and to the public.
  • To support the establishment of local self-help groups in which narcoleptics can exchange experiences and provide mutual support.
  • To press for the recognition of narcolepsy as a disability by the social services.
  • To encourage research into the causes and treatment of narcolepsy.
  • To co-operate with narcolepsy associations overseas to further these aims.

Last updated on 28/02/2013

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