National Council of the Catholic Fellowship

National Secretary
15 Woodlands Park Drive
Blaydon on Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE21 5PQ

Tel: 0191 414 3221 - daytime only, 7 days per week


The National Council of the Catholic Fellowship (NCCF) was founded in 1956 for the welfare of physically and mentally disabled youngsters mainly, but not exclusively, of the Catholic faith. The Fellowship acknowledges the responsibilities of parents and guardians of these young people to provide for their spiritual, physical and social welfare. The NCCF gives Catholics and others an opportunity to help all disabled people of all denominations.

All work is voluntary and carried out by eight independent Diocesan Fellowships in the Roman Catholic dioceses of: Birmingham, Brentwood, Clifton, Hexham and Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Salford and Shrewsbury.

Activities vary between areas depending upon local needs but usually include family care, meetings, clubs, holidays, Christmas parties and other social events for the benefit of the Fellowship's members.

Last updated on 21/08/2015

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