National Federation of Shopmobility

2-4 Meadow Close
Ise Valley Industrial Estate

Tel: 01933 229644


The NFSUK is a federation that brings together Shopmobility schemes up and down the country. Shopmobility schemes allow you access to wheelchairs and scooters, which provides you with greater access to shopping facilities in your area and gives you more freedom and independence. The directory gives you access to the Shopmobility addresses and phone numbers.

Shopmobility provides a solution to many of the shopping problems faced by those who have impaired mobility. It is a service designed to meet the access and mobility needs of disabled or older visitors, whether travelling by public transport or by car. Many schemes provide manual wheelchairs and volunteer escorts. Others, in addition, provide powered scooters and wheelchairs which can be operated solely by the user. The beauty of the scheme is that it gives people a great deal of independence. They have the equipment and know-how to use it and can go anywhere they want within the town centre at their own pace. Shopmobility is available to anyone, young or old, no matter whether their mobility impairment is temporary or permanent, or caused by illness, accident or ageing.

Each scheme varies so you should contact your local scheme and a member of staff will give you all the information you need on how to use Shopmobility in your local area. Details of how to become a member of the NFSUK are available via the website

Last updated on 20/08/2015

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