National Federation of the Blind of the UK

Sir John Wilson House
215 Kirkgate

Tel: 01924 291313


The National Federation of the Blind of the UK is a registered charity and organisation of people who are blind or partially sighted which seeks to convey to the authorities the real needs of the blind and partially sighted. The Federation aims to achieve better service provision and to enhance the quality of life to all visually impaired people.

The Federation is primarily a campaigning organisation seeking improvements in services and facilities for blind and partially sighted people. It has been successful in obtaining additional facilities for visually impaired people and in preventing deterioration in the services provided for them. Examples of achievements aided by the Federation include: retention of different sizes of bank notes; introduction of textured surfaces and audible signals at road crossings; the right of blind and partially-sighted children to be educated in mainstream schools.

The Federation is represented on many agencies serving the blind including the World Blind Union and the European Blind Union and is regularly consulted by local and national Government. The Federation has branches throughout the UK and a central branch (postal) for members in areas not represented by a branch. Ordinary membership is available to all visually impaired people in the UK for a small annual subscription. Associate membership is available to sighted people interested in the Federation's work. The Federation produces a monthly internal magazine called Fedtalk which is tape only.

Last updated on 28/06/2013

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