NFM - National Family Mediation

Margaret Jackson Centre
4 Barnfield Hill

Tel: 0300 4000 636


National Family Mediation (NFM) is a network of local not-for-profit family mediation services in England and Wales which offers help to couples, married or unmarried, who are in the process of separation or divorce. They are committed to providing high quality mediation to everyone who needs it in all communities.

Family Mediation is for:

  • Parents - before or after separation
  • Divorcing couples
  • Teenage parents
  • Grandparents
  • Adult siblings
  • Parents & adult children
  • Other members of the extended family where communication and/or relationships are problematic.

NFM mediators help clients to reach joint decisions about the issues associated with their separation - children, finance and property. Several NFM services also provide specialist services for children. NFM has well established quality assurance standards.

Last updated on 17/07/2014

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