NPL - Naz Project London

30 Blacks Road
W6 9DT

Tel: 020 8741 1879


The Naz Project is an HIV, AIDS and sexual health agency for black and minority ethnic communities including: South Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, Horn of African and Latin American communities. The Project offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services and resources. The Project runs several support groups at its London base (contact the number above for full details) and offers a large number of resources to inform and to prevent the spread of HIV. The Project has developed resources that are appropriate for the communities in terms of language, content and imagery. Contact the Project for a full guide to resources which include the following.

  • Postcards and pictures with health messages.
  • Travelling abroad posters.
  • HIV and travel leaflet.
  • HIV, AIDS and Muslim communities.

Last updated on 07/08/2015

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