OASIS - Overseas Adoption Support and Information Services

Overseas Adoption Support and Information Services (OASIS), founded in 1995, is a UK-based voluntary support group for people who wish to adopt, or who have already adopted, children from overseas. It is a national parent to parent support group for families at all stages of the inter-country adoption process. They have over 1,000 members, comprising those with adult children through to those just beginning to explore the process.

OASIS provides information based on their collective practical experience, through their website, magazine, information pack, membership directory, lending library and telephone information line. They also host seminars twice yearly where they aim to bring the best international experts on adoption-related issues to members. OASIS is run exclusively by parent volunteers.

Their original philosophy was to provide information to enable people to adopt children who would not be placed with families within their own borders. This continues to underpin their aims but, as OASIS has developed and their experience has grown, they now aim to provide broader information on all aspects of inter-country adoption. They seek to support one another from the first steps of considering adoption and throughout the years as our children grow.

Last updated on 07/08/2015

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