Tel: (London Advice Line) 020 7284 5879, (Leeds Advice Line) 0113 230 2100


PAC-UK exists to improve the lives of families and individuals affected by adoption and other forms of permanence by providing access to a range of individually tailored services and appropriate support depending on need.  In addition They aim to increase the awareness and knowledge of professionals and the general public.

They offer the following key services from their offices in London and Leeds:

  • An Advice Line service for enquiries and signposting to other services.
  • An Adult Counselling and Intermediary service accessible to adopted/permanently placed people, adopters/permanent carers and those working towards this - birth family members, professionals.
  • A Child and Family service offering support, counselling and therapy to adoptive families or those with a permanently placed child, including special guardians and kinship carers.
  • An Education service working with children, parents and schools to improve the educational experience of adopted/permanently-placed children.
  • A Birth Family service providing a range of advice, counselling and groups for birth parents and other birth relatives.
  • A Training service accessible to adoptive families/permanent carers and professionals.

Last updated on 26/08/2015

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