Pact Office
29 Peckham Road

Tel: (Freephone helpline) 0808 808 3444, (Office) 020 7735 9535


PACT (the Prison Advice & Care Trust) is a charity which supports people affected by imprisonment. They provide practical support to prisoners' children and families and to prisoners themselves.

The main services they offer are:

  • Information, advice and support for families and friends of prisoners.
  • Child-friendly visitors' centres.
  • Catering services in visitors' centres and visits halls.
  • Supervised play areas in visits halls for visiting children.
  • Mentoring schemes for prisoners and a pioneering 'First Night in Custody' support service which aims to reduce the extreme anxiety often felt by prisoners on their first night inside, and to reduce the possibility of self-harm and suicide.

Last updated on 31/07/2015

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