People First (Scotland)

77-79 Easter Road

Tel: 0131 478 7707


People First (Scotland) started in 1989. It is an independent self-advocacy organisation in Scotland run by and for people with learning difficulties.

People First is a worldwide movement. They have offices in different parts of Scotland and have close links with many People First groups in England and Wales. They are also involved in People First Europe and keep in touch with groups in other countries.

What they do:

  • Help local groups get off the ground.
  • Help to train professionals in workplace training and in universities.
  • Talk to government, councils, health boards and services about what their members think and feel about services.
  • Run conferences and workshops.
  • Write booklets and make videos.
  • Produce newsletters and other publicity.
  • Support each other to get through difficult times and to speak up.
  • Take part in the wider People First movement.

What they want:

  • To choose where they live and who they live with.
  • To be respected as people with thoughts and feelings.
  • To live without fear of being punished and being made fun of.
  • To be protected by law against discrimination and hate crime.
  • To have friends and relationships like other people.
  • To have enough money to live on.
  • To have proper jobs with decent wages.
  • To be fully included in schools and colleges and all parts of community life.
  • To have a chance to build a life that other people have.

Any adult with a learning difficulty who lives in Scotland can be a member of People First (Scotland). They have about 1,000 members across Scotland.

Last updated on 24/04/2015

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