Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centres

Pierpoint House
385 Clifton Drive North
St Annes-on-Sea

Tel: (Admin) 0845 388 1543 - 8 am-5 pm, (Out of Hours and Admissions) 07811 606 606

Web: www.pierpoint.co.uk

Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centres of St. Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire, provide an 'holistic' approach to addiction treatment. Their residential facilities comprise 2 separate gender-specific Detoxification Units, Pierpoint House Male Primary Treatment Centre, Female Focus Womens' Primary Treatment Centre ,and Holly Lodge Mixed- gender Secondary Treatment Centre. Aftercare and Family Support Services are also provided.

Their goal is to help people with substance abuse, dependency or addiction problems to understand through their own experiences what their personal needs are, and what support they need in order to cater for those needs, both present and future. Peer support is seen as essential in providing a strong foundation from which individuals continue building a life of balance, creativity, fulfilment and freedom from addiction.

Last updated on 24/04/2015

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