PINNT - Patients on Intravenous and Nasogastric Nutrition Therapy

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PINNT (Patients on Intravenous and Nasogastric Nutrition Therapy) is a support group for patients receiving parenteral or enteral nutrition therapy. PINNT is a charitable organisation which was formed originally by patients from St Marks Hospital in London, to support fellow patients from hospitals all over the country who require nutrition therapy, to provide understanding and contact between patients and to eliminate some of the problems that come with the treatment.

Their aims are:

  • To promote greater understanding of the therapies amongst patients, potential patients, and the medical profession.
  • Provide contact between patients, to try to eliminate some of the problems that come with treatment (particularly when it is carried out at home).
  • Encourage membership, so that they can provide more services to patients.

Over the years it has not only brought together patients from all over the country, but also doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals within the field of artificial nutrition worldwide. PINNT offers the following services.

  • PINNT assists its members with anything they, the patient, feel is important. A lot of time is spent helping with benefit claims and fighting appeals. Many members need frequent help for the rest of their lives, and the availability of practical assistance in how to claim their benefits can be a great help in times of stress.
  • Half PINNT is a category of membership within PINNT for younger members. The specific needs of children and their families are co-ordinated by parents caring for a child receiving artificial nutrition, and so they fully appreciate the experiences you share with them. To date, Half PINNT has successfully united many families where problems are shared and experiences exchanged, and is a sound back-up for parents and carers

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