Polio Survivors Network

PO Box 954

Tel: 01522 888601

Web: www.poliosurvivorsnetwork.org.uk

Polio Survivors Network is a network of people who had polio in their earlier lives and are now experiencing and living with the effects of Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).

Activities include:

  • They network with Polio Survivors, their families and polio support groups in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada and wider. This helps to support and educate each other about the effects of PPS and ways of coping.
  • They gather information about Post Polio Syndrome assessment and testing procedures, treatment, therapies and research.
  • They aim to inform and educate health and social care professionals and others who provide services for people living with PPS.
  • They issue a quarterly newsletter, Post Polio Matters.

Last updated on 19/11/2013

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