QEF - Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People

Leatherhead Court
Woodlands Road
KT22 0BN

Tel: 01372 841100

Web: www.qef.org.uk

QEF is a leading disability charity working with people with physical and learning disabilities or acquired brain injuries to help them gain new skills and increase independence for life.

The Foundation helps disabled people achieve goals for life through a range of four specialist services.

  • QEF Neuro-rehabilitation Services - providing neuro-rehabilitation and integrated learning for young people who have acquired disabilities and associated learning difficulties as a result of brain injury.
  • QEF Independent Living Services - providing disabled people with the skills they need to live within the community as independently as possible.
  • QEF Mobility Services - providing mobility assessment and training for adults with disabilities seeking to improve their independence within the community.
  • QEF Vocational Services - providing assessment and training for sustainable employment for adults with disabilities.

Last updated on 21/04/2015

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