Relationships Scotland

18 York Place

Tel: 0845 119 2020


Relationships Scotland is a national voluntary organisation resulting from the merging of 'Relate Scotland' and 'Family Mediation Scotland' in 2008. Relationships Scotland is responsible for:

  • The promotion and development of a confidential counselling service to those in marriage and other intimate relationships.
  • The promotion and development of support ad mediation services for all families.
  • Provision of sexual relationship therapy.
  • Provision of child contact centres.
  • Provision of telephone counselling in some areas.
  • Local services across Scotland.

Times, location and contact details of local services can be found on the website. All counsellors and mediators are trained and accredited. Prospective clients should contact the national office using the details above for details of their local service and for general enquiries.

Last updated on 10/03/2015

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