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RoadPeace is a charity:

  • Supporting people left bereaved or injured by road crashes.
  • Campaigning for justice for crash victims.
  • Promoting public awareness of the dangers of negligent and reckless driving.
  • Working with government and the police to make the roads safer for all users.

They aim to:

  • Provide support and advocacy for bereaved and injured road crash victims.
  • Gather factual evidence of the scale and impact of road deaths and injuries.
  • Encourage people to use roads safely.
  • Make the roads more pedestrian, child and cyclist-friendly.
  • See that laws to prevent and punish dangerous driving are tightened and enforced.
  • Achieve appropriate charges and sentences for drivers who kill or injure through irresponsible driving.

RoadPeace services:

  • Advice and support helpline.
  • Advocacy service and representation for victims.
  • Campaigns to improve legal support for victims.
  • Information and advice leaflets.
  • Strategies for reducing road danger.
  • Participation in victim and road safety initiatives and policy groups.
  • Education programmes, in schools and in the workplace.
  • Advice for crime prevention, health and other emergency services.
  • Public awareness raising.
  • Observance of an annual remembrance day in November and of National Road Victim Month in August.

Last updated on 22/11/2013

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