ROHBTS - Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Bone Tumour Service

c/o Ward 11, The Woodlands
Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
Bristol Road South
B31 2AP

Tel: (Family support) 01584 875891 Tel (Medical Information): 0121 685 4057 (ask for Royal Orthopaedic Hosp, Ward 11)

ROHBTS was set up in 1989 as a self-help group for parents of children with bone cancer. They have now extended their support to all patients that are treated at Woodlands (ROH) as well as offering support for adults with sarcoma.

Their Aims and Objectives are:

  • To be a support service offering a combination of emotional and practical help to families through the trauma of having a child or adult suffering from bone cancer.
  • To operate a telephone tree.
  • To support holidays for the benefit of patients and immediate family.

Last updated on 27/08/2015

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