RTS - Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome UK Support Group

39 Hale Road
NG34 9JN

Web: www.rtsuk.org

Rubinstein Taybi syndrome (RTS) is a genetic disorder with a range of physical and developmental features. The common name for this condition is Broad Thumb and First Toe syndrome. The RTS Support Group has the following aims:

  • To offer support to families and carers.
  • To bring about public awareness of both the syndrome and the support group.
  • To provide information about the condition.
  • To raise funds for the support group.

The group offers the following services:

  • The group produces a factsheet and booklet which gives details of the syndrome.
  • A newsletter is produced at least once a year.
  • Social get-togethers take place twice a year.
  • The group endeavours to put families in touch with another family with an RTS child either by locality or by telephone.

Last updated on 05/09/2014

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