Ruby Care Foundation

SA39 9DH

Tel: 0333 011 7556


The Ruby Care Foundation is an organisation founded by people who care deeply about end of life issues (the terminally ill, the dying and the bereaved) and indeed all illness, trauma or loss of any kind. They work alongside the existing professionals who care for those facing the end of life, providing the necessary mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual easement and settlement by skilled and careful companion-counselling. They applaud the valuable work being done by these carers and seek to augment their services by giving the time needed when others simply cannot.

They go to people's homes, hospices or hospitals, assisting all concerned, family and friends alike, and also give support and counselling on the telephone and by email. They spend whatever time is necessary, allowing people to talk through difficult and fearful issues and helping them come to terms with fears, worries and distress, and assist in all aspects that surround such frightening times.

They will also give practical assistance with making a will, understanding the need for, and compiling a 'living will', and advise on how to ensure everybody's wishes are respected and adhered to during terminal care - particularly when there exists the fear of possibly losing control of ones faculties. They officiate at, and help arrange, funerals and show people how to prepare the body of a loved one for internment. They assist in all circumstances where there is a need for support and kindly, unobtrusive help, alway seeking to empower all to be as fully engaged as desired in the process of saying goodbye.

Further, the Ruby Care Foundation provides careful and detailed training for anybody (professional and other) who may wish to up-grade existing skills in caring for the terminally ill, the traumatised and the dying; and they also provide full training for anybody wishing to specialise in counselling the dying and bereaved.

Last updated on 05/09/2014

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