SADA - Seasonal Affective Disorder Association

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The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA) is a voluntary organisation and registered charity. SADA aims to be a source of information about SAD for the public, health professionals and the media.  They are dedicated to informing and supporting SAD sufferers throughout the UK.  Members of SADA have access to their own area of the SADA website where they can download an information booklet, newsletters and scientific and general articles.  The newsletters and booklet are also available by post on request.  Members are offered telephone and email support. SAD is a debilitating illness caused by lack of bright light mainly during Autumn and Winter. The main symptoms are depression, sleep problems, anxiety, a tendency to overeat, social withdrawal and poor cognitive function. There is often a much improved change of mood in the Spring.

Last updated on 27/01/2015

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