Sarcoma UK

Sarcoma UK
49-51 East Road
N1 6AH

Tel: 020 7250 8271


Sarcoma UK is the only cancer charity in the UK focusing on all types of sarcoma.  Their mission is to increase knowledge and awareness of sarcoma through ground-breaking programmes that inspire involvement and transform the landscape for everyone affected by sarcoma.  They:

  • Initiate change to raise sarcoma awareness and improve standards of treatment and care.
  • Seek answers through research.
  • Provide support & information for the sarcoma community.

Their goals are that:

  • More people will survive sarcoma.
  • More will be known about the causes of sarcoma.
  • Everyone affected by sarcoma will have access to the best treatment and care.

Last updated on 23/06/2014

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