Saving Faces

Dominion House, 59 St Bartholomew's Close
St Bartholomew's Hospital
West Smithfield

Tel: 0203 465 5755


The Facial Surgery Research Foundation - Saving Faces, is a UK research charity dedicated to the worldwide reduction of facial injuries and diseases. They are taking the lead in education and research to improve the physical and psychological treatment of all victims of oral cancer and other facial diseases.

There are more than 40 facial surgeons throughout the UK collaborating with a team of Saving Faces researchers. Together they are carrying out work in various areas related to facial problems such as oral cancer, facial injuries and facial disfigurement.

Via Saving Faces, former patients provide support to newly-diagnosed patients and their families through a support network. The emotional and psychological impact of surgery is often just as traumatic as the procedure itself. They have also set up a patient helpline and have a database of former patients who have agreed to answer calls. Their database includes a comprehensive range of diagnoses, ages and languages. They call these volunteers their Expert Patients and the valuable service they provide is the Expert Patient Helpline. Call 07792357972 or email for more information.

Last updated on 05/09/2014

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