Sesame Institute - Dance and Movement Therapy

Sesame Institute (UK and International)
Christchurch, 27 Blackfriars Road

Tel: 0207 633 9690


A summary of the Sesame Institute's aims is:

  • To relieve ill health of any kind whether mental or physical by the therapeutic use of drama and movement.
  • To organise, establish and promote training courses, seminars, schools, lectures and study groups for health professionals concerning the therapeutic use of drama and movement throughout the world.
  • To associate with charitable and other organisations in the same or related fields.

They fulfil their charitable aims by:

  • Preserving and developing their integrated approach to training in drama and movement therapy.
  • Promoting practice based research.
  • Providing information & educational resources.
  • Providing introductory schools throughout each year as well as other professional development events.
  • Providing professional membership and a networking community for drama and movement therapists.

Last updated on 02/09/2014

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