SIA - Spinal Injuries Association

SIA House
2 Trueman Place
Milton Keynes

Tel: (Freephone advice line) 0800 980 0501 Mon-Fri 9.30 am-4.30 pm, (Admin) 0845 678 6633


The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is a national charity for spinal cord injured people. They are a user-led organisation with all trustees being spinal cord injured themselves.

Their aims are to:

  • Offer support and assistance from the moment of injury or illness and for the rest of a paralysed person’s life.
  • Provide services to increase an individual’s quality of life.
  • Support families of newly injured people.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the causes and consequences of SCI.
  • Campaign for the best medical and social care for spinal cord injured people.

The services they offer are:

  • Freephone Advice Line - help and guidance for those with SCI.
  • Life and Work After a Spinal Cord Injury.
  • Ageing With SCI - SIA accessible headquarters.
  • Books and guides for SCI people and professionals.
  • Peer Services - support and encouragement from Peers at all UK SCI centres.
  • Legal and Financial - finding financial and legal support for personal injury claims.
  • Education and Training - "Your Voice - Know Your Rights" training courses; the National SCI Library.
  • Bimonthly magazine, Forward, free with SIA membership.

The website also offers:

  • A wealth of information, experiences and ideas.
  • A message board and chat rooms to share your thoughts with other spinal cord injured people.
  • A national library on spinal cord injury.
  • An online shop with many publications for sale.
  • Membership, open to all and joining is simple via the online shop.

Last updated on 02/09/2014

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