Single Parent Action Network

Easton Community Centre
Kilburn Street

Tel: 0117 9514231 (9.30-4.30 Mon to Fri)


Baptist Street

 Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) is a broad umbrella organisation representing the diversity of one parent families across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Membership includes single parent self-help groups, individual single parents, large charitable organisations, and all kinds of support groups which are concerned in some way with supporting the needs of one parent families. Members may be divorced, separated, never married, widowed, heterosexual or gay, and from many different backgrounds and cultures.

SPAN aims:

  • To give a voice to one parent families from diverse backgrounds and cultures living in poverty and isolation.
  • To support the development of user-led one-parent family groups.
  • To support single parents to empower themselves and take control of their lives.
  • To link with one parent groups in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to exchange information, ideas and practices.
  • To work with organisations and decision making bodies in the UK and Europe to improve those policies which affect one parent families.

SPAN can offer a broad network of different groups across the UK. They offer a newsletter and website packed with news on groups, training courses, events, policy changes, and funding. SPAN offers advice, training and resources to single parent self help groups. SPAN has an on-site model action study centre including a free creche for single parents in Bristol.

Last updated on 22/10/2012

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