Slimming World

PO Box 55
DE55 4UE

Tel: 0844 897 800


Founded in 1969, Slimming World is the UK’s most advanced and effective weight management organisation, with over 9,500 weekly groups held across the UK influencing 3 million people each year to eat more healthily and adopt a more active lifestyle.

Slimming World’s philosophy is based on a deep understanding of how people with a weight problem feel, coupled with a passionate desire to help them achieve their goals. Over 40 years it has been developed and refined in line with the latest thinking on nutrition, exercise and the psychology of behaviour change. Their service is available to adults but they also have a special programme for young people aged 11-15.

Slimming World integrates three key principles to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle:

  • A warm, empowering group environment which supports members and facilitates behaviour change around eating and activity habits.
  • A satisfying eating plan to promote healthy eating patterns for life.
  • An activity management programme to help members gradually increase physical activity levels.

Last updated on 17/12/2014

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