1 Royal Street

Tel: (Helpline) 080 8808 9572 - 10 am-4 pm Mon-Fri, (Admin) 0207 261 9572

Web: www.speakability.org.uk

Aphasia is the total or partial loss of language - speech, reading, writing - following a stroke or head injury. Speakability is the national charity that supports and empowers people with aphasia to overcome the barriers they face by:

  • Supporting people with aphasia and their carers through its information service, national network of self-help groups and programme of activities.
  • Influencing individuals, organisations and statutory bodies in order to improve services for people living with aphasia.
  • Raising funds to support these aims.

Speakability's helpline and information service team is able to provide a wide range of information. The team also has access to specialist advisors who will be contacted, where appropriate, to provide the necessary information. If you call Speakability for the first time, they will follow up the call with an information pack (free of charge to addresses in the UK ). They encourage people to call back for further information.

In addition to the telephone helpline, Speakability produces a wide range of fact sheets that deal with a variety of topics. These are free to individual callers and are available at cost to service providers. For more details of their fact sheets and other publications, DVDs, audio cassettes and newsletters, please visit their website or use the contact details above.

Last updated on 14/11/2013

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