STATUS Employment

Founded in 1991, STATUS Employment is a registered charity that aims to assist disabled people in finding and retaining paid employment. Using a process called supported employment, they have been able to help candidates to successfully find, and remain, in work. They provide support to people with learning, physical and sensory disabilities and people with mental health issues.

Supported employment relies heavily on a process called systematic instruction, which was established in the United States by Marc Gold. The aim of systematic instruction is both to teach individuals who find it particularly difficult to learn and people with severe disabilities. Supported employment services were established in London and South Wales in 1984, and included creative job matching and on-the-job training on employers' premises.

STATUS consultants work extensively with candidates to determine the right job for each individual. Once in work, STATUS consultants provide on-the-job training and/or support - depending on the individual needs of each candidate. There are two offices - one in Croydon and one in Lambeth.

Last updated on 08/11/2013

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