Support Dogs Assisting Disabled People

21 Jessops Riverside
Brightside Lane
S9 2RX

Tel: 0114 261 7800


Support Dogs trains dogs to assist and support owners with their specific disability. There are three types of support dog, with all three programmes run nationally.

  • Seizure Alert Dogs are specially trained to detect an imminent epileptic seizure in the owner and give a warning, enabling the owner to find safety. The dog can usually give a warning of between 20 and 45 minutes. Most types of dog can be trained and dogs are specially selected from rescue centres for this work.
  • Disability Assistance Dogs are specially trained for their disabled owner to help with everyday tasks such as opening and closing doors, assisting with dressing, acting as a support, operating control buttons, switching lights on and off, fetching and picking up objects, loading and unloading the washing machine. The Disability Assistance Dogs are family pets. They use the special bond that exists between pet and owner to channel the dog's willingness to help into assistance work.
  • Autism Assistance Dogs are trained to improve the quality of life of families with autistic children by helping to establish a degree of predictability in social settings as well as improving safety for the child. The dogs are specially selected for Autism Assistance Dogs however, they do not train family pets.

No charge is made to the disabled person for training a support dog. The work of the charity relies on donations and sponsorships.

Last updated on 08/11/2013

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