Suzy Lamplugh Trust

National Centre for Personal Safety
218 Strand

Tel: 0207 091 0014


Suzy Lamplugh Trust is a registered Personal Safety Charity. It is devoted to providing everyone in society with the practical support and guidance they need to reduce their fear of crime and develop skills and strategies to help reduce their risk of experiencing violence and aggression.

The Trust works alongside government, the police, the educational establishment, public bodies and the business sector to encourage safety wherever people may be at risk - in the home, at work, in public and in schools and colleges, on public transport and when travelling at home or abroad. As well as being dedicated to improving personal safety for all, whether female or male, young or old, the Trust undertakes a wide range of research, campaigning, training, education and practical support activities to put its aims into practice.

The Trust campaigns on safety issues, liaising with statutory and voluntary organisations and instigating research, for changes in attitude, policy, legislation and practice.

The Trust also offers resources for all, including books, leaflets, posters, training manuals, DVDs and personal alarms.

Last updated on 08/11/2013

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