Tackle Prostate Cancer

Kemp House
152 City Road

Tel: (Helpline) 0800 035 5302, (Admin) 020 3195 3830

Web: www.tackleprostate.org

Tackle Prostate Cancer (formerly the Prostate Cancer Support Federation) is an organisation of UK prostate cancer support groups whose membership consisting primarily, but not solely, of men who have or have had prostate cancer, their partners, families and carers. It is the only UK-wide patient-led charity that acts and speaks for prostate cancer patients and their families. Its main aims are to

  • Act as the voice of prostate cancer patients and their families.
  • Encourage and assist the formation and development of patient-led support groups throughout the UK.
  • Raise awareness of prostate cancer in the general population.
  • Encourage improvement of health services and conduct campaigns to improve the wellbeing of those affected by prostate cancer.

Last updated on 09/01/2017

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