Tall Persons Club

88-90 Hatton Garden

Tel: 01530 839053, (Mobile) 07771 700702

Web: www.tallclub.co.uk

The Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland is dedicated to providing information for and promoting the interests of tall people. These aims cover the practical, medical, psychological and social aspects of being taller than average.

They welcome all who will benefit from their information and who wish to support the promotion of matters of importance to those taller than average. The Club aims to have regular contact with commercial, medical, regulatory and other organisations with whom they raise the awareness of the specific needs of tall people.

The Club provides:

  • Regular magazine
  • Directory of suppliers
  • Retailer discounts
  • Advice & guidance
  • Medical information
  • Lobbying
  • Fun social events
  • Lively discussions
  • Product reviews
  • An idea exchange

Below are just a few of the things the club can offer you on their website, even if you are not yet a member:

  • Browse their popular Bulletin Board. With hundreds of users there is always something interesting being discussed and always something new to discover.
  • The Product Reviews section will help you find a car, bike, household item, even a B&B, that is suitable for your height. You can also write your own mini-review and help other tall people by adding to this ever-growing database!
  • Visit the Events section for forthcoming social events (local, national and international) plus a number of photos of past events where you can see what goes on at club gatherings.
  • Learn about the major medical conditions associated with being tall in the Medical Information section.
  • The Chat Room is a popular introduction to the club and its members, with real-time conversations taking place most evenings. For the best chance of finding a tall friend to chat with, drop in around 10pm UK time.

Last updated on 07/11/2013

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