Telephones for the Blind Fund

7 Huntersfield Close

Tel: 01737 248032 (10 am-3 pm only, Mon-Fri)


The Telephones for the Blind Fund is a registered charity providing mobile phones, grants towards line rental and/or installation of BT landlines, for the blind and visually impaired residents of the UK, and raising funds for this purpose. Eligibility criteria, which relate to those who are registered blind or partially sighted, are:

  • Living alone, often alone, or living with a partner also handicapped by disability or age.
  • Living in own room in a Care Home.
  • Cannot be expected to afford a telephone from own or family resources.

Applications for grants must be submitted by a Support Worker, Social Worker or Rehabilitation Worker on the Charity's Grant Application Form - this requires endorsement by the sponsor.

Last updated on 07/11/2013

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