The Archway Foundation

Jack Straw's Lane

Tel: 01865 790552


The Archway Foundation was set up in Oxford to help individuals hurt by loneliness. There is national interest in the Foundation's work, both from those in need and from those concerned to see a service develop in their area. Their aims are as follows:

  • To help relieve the distress associated with loneliness which in turn serves to help prevent the development of mental illness.
  • To offer a supportive and individual service to adults of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances who are hurt by loneliness.
  • To provide opportunities for the meeting of others in a supportive setting (to promote self esteem, and a sense of belonging to and involvement in the community).

The Foundation's current work to achieve these aims include the following:

  • Dealing with telephone and written enquiries from individuals and referrals from social services, mental health professionals, GPs, etc.
  • Individual support through visiting, befriending, letter and telephone contact.
  • Weekly social contact with subsidised transport where appropriate.
  • Experience with individuals who have problems symptomatic of or caused by loneliness.
  • Weekly call-in cafe.
  • Booklets on loneliness.

Last updated on 07/11/2013

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