The Elfrida Society

34 Islington Park Street
N1 1PX

Tel: 0207 359 7443


The Elfrida Society has worked with people with learning difficulties since 1919.

They believe that people with learning difficulties are excluded from society because their strengths are not valued and their needs are not recognised.

Their aim is to identify and promote the best ways of supporting people to live their lives in the way they want to. They do this by:

  • Pioneering new approaches, and developing and managing a range of innovative projects.
  • Stimulating debate and influencing practice and policy in Britain.
  • Enabling dialogue between people with learning difficulties and policy makers.
  • Supporting self-organisation and initiatives taken by people with learning difficulties.

The Elfrida Society has a Health Project that supports adults with learning difficulties in Islington with their health. The Access to Health Project publishes health information for adults with learning difficulties that it distributes nationally.

Last updated on 31/10/2013

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