The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & General Hypnotherapy Register

PO Box 204
SO41 6WP

Tel: 01590 683770


The GHSC and GHR are the UK's largest and most prominent organisations within the field of hypnotherapy, providing simultaneous protection of the public and the provision of practitioner credibility and services.

The GHSC oversees the criteria for the ongoing registration of individual practitioners within the GHR, all complaints brought by the public against such registered practitioners and the assessment and accreditation of hypnotherapy training courses which lead to that registration. It comprises more than 150 separate affiliated professional bodies and training schools, which can be viewed via the online hypnotherapy directory.

The GHR is overseen by the GHSC and is responsible for its day-to-day administration together with the implementation of all GHSC decisions. It is a professional association and register of practising hypnotherapists, comprising in excess of 3,000 UK-based individual practitioners, together with registered therapists in some 40 countries, which can be viewed via the online hypnotherapy directory.

The General Hypnotherapy Register provides a single, independent register for hypnotherapists who meet a common set of standards and professional criteria. The register, which is also available on the above website, can give information to the public on practitioners in their locality, and impartial advice on all other aspects with regard to the field of hypnotherapy.

Last updated on 31/10/2013

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